Why choose Us?

Quite frankly, CSKM works well and is very fruitful. We see lives transformed and see students graduate to become effective leaders in their churches and ministries.

About CSKM

Why Us?

There are a few brilliant reasons to choose CSKM for your ministry training.

  • We use similar curriculum and spiritual emphasis to BSSM (Bethel) and GSSM (Global Awakening,) the leading national full-time schools.
  • Our school is offered on Sundays and on Tuesday nights, letting you have the opportunity to live a balanced life with family, friends, and full or part-time work.  This allows for you to stay connected to the marketplace and to your spheres of influence while you are being equipped in Kingdom ministry so that you can live out the Kingdom that is being deposited within you! 
  • Our school has a strong Bible emphasis with passionate teachers who equip the students with a revelatory understanding of the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation while continuously encouraging them to pursue the application of scripture by the power of the Holy Spirit in their daily lives. 
  • Our school focuses on leadership and character development that is built upon a solid foundation of cultivating intimacy with God and discovering your true identity in Christ. 

More Good Reasons to Choose Us

  • The environment of our school is highly relational with spiritual fathers and mothers who oversee our small groups called Legacy Groups where they mentor and encourage you individually in your pursuit of fulfilling your calling. pressing onward to your future. 
  • Our focus is to help foster and develop each student to walk in the supernatural and in power releasing His Kingdom and this is accomplished through modeling, activations, and impartation. 
  • Our reach extends regionally into several other local church-based satellite locations where groups of five or more may attend via video and live sessions and do their ministry and outreach practicums within their current local church in hopes to sow the Kingdom culture into their local church as well as in their own spheres of influence.

“Joy is a choice so choose not to sell it away cheaply to life’s circumstances and situations.”