Revival & Supernatural Lifestyle

Jesus said that Kingdom is Advancing, and so it is. He also asked His disciples to wait until they were empowered by the Holy Spirit before they did anything. Enthusiasm, while good, is no substitute for "power that comes from on High." Revival is all about Jesus, and a supernatural lifestyle is all about being obedient to the Holy Spirit while ministering in His power.

Our Instructors and Leaders


Our vision and mission are to help connect people to the Holy Spirit.

The Colorado School of Kingdom Ministry focuses on developing and building revivalists who confidently & boldly walk in their true identity in Christ and naturally live a supernatural lifestyle where miracles, signs, and wonders follow those who believe.  Revival begins on the inside of every believer where God heals, restores and launches every child of God into their calling of fulfilling the Great Commission. 

Our Focus

CSKM is designed to be a supernatural (empowered by the Holy Spirit) training center.

The Colorado School of Kingdom Ministry is designed to be a ministry training center where our students are serious about the Lordship of Christ and who are pursuing a life of supernatural ministry with an eye to release the Kingdom of God, love, and minister to people, lead in their churches, transform the cultural venues of society, and learn how to impact the world around them in everyday living.

Partnering with the Holy Spirit

CSKM focuses on partnering with the Holy Spirit to bring about revelation through the Word of God, which then brings transformation within the student’s lives that leads to reformation in their belief system.  Romans 12:1-2 exhorts us to continually renew our minds through God’s truth through His Word and as we do so, we change and become aware of the truth that we are seated with Christ in the heavenly places and that we live to bring heaven on earth that sets the captives free and leads people to encounter the love of the Father and the miraculous touch of His unfailing love in their lives!  As the Body of Christ lives with this understanding, we will see Jesus move in healing, miracles, prophecy, etc.  through the lives of surrendered sons and daughters of God.


The Colorado School of Kingdom Ministry focuses on developing and building revivalists who confidently & boldly walk in their true identity in Christ and naturally live a supernatural lifestyle where miracles, signs, and wonders follow those who believe.

Our Core Cultural Beliefs & Values

The environment that we create around us is dictated by the internal reality that we cultivate inside of us. When we take time to articulate a core value infrastructure inside us, it provides a healthy form that governs our beliefs and behaviors so that we can live from our beliefs and not our circumstances.

Core values are a belief system that influences our actions and consequently the culture that we create around us. They are guiding principles that we choose to uphold – the foundational root system on which our lifestyles are built and continually grow. In a school, core values are designed to empower each leader and student to establish a belief system that empowers a lifestyle that reflects and expands the Kingdom of God.

As a result, CSKM’s core values empower our school culture and our personal culture, which in turn God uses to transform the people and world around us.

Much like a tree draws nutrients and strength from its root system to thrive, the leaders and students in our school draw upon our core values to reproduce the culture of the Kingdom.

There are many values and beliefs in the multifaceted nature of the Kingdom of God.

CSKM has chosen the core values that we feel God has asked us to highlight in our school environment.

We believe that by weaving these values into the School we will establish an environment that will lead you into your identity in Christ, and the fulfillment of His glory being revealed through you.


CSKM’s Ten Core Cultural Values

1. The Presence of God

God’s Presence releases His goodness and glory which transforms. Ministry that values, attracts, and ministers the manifest Presence of God will release Heaven’s blueprints, change lives, and naturally extend the gospel with power.

2. The Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God was Jesus’ central topic. Jesus conferred upon His disciples a Kingdom. His Kingdom shall fill the earth. We pray that all our students will be equipped to preach and model the good news of the Kingdom of God by sharing about Jesus, ministering God’s love, and demonstrating the works of Jesus Christ to save, heal, and deliver in the supernatural power of the Spirit.

3. Covenant Family

We want our student body to be a true spiritual family. Our family includes singles, young people, old people, married couples, people of all nationalities and backgrounds. The mark of our relationship will be love and honor.

4. Life-Giving Leadership

We want our students to lead like Christ; in all humility, adequacy in God, transparent integrity, love, and compassion, as one who must give an account, in courage, faith, radical obedience, with the heart of a servant, a life of integrity, as a model, and as a shepherd who faithfully discharges the full counsel of God’s Word.

5. Intimacy with God

We desire to see the students of CSKM understand and practice the reality that our relationship with God is first and that all of life is intended to unfold from intimacy with Him.

6. Identity in Christ

We desire to have all our students understand their identity as royal sons and daughters in Christ, full of power and authority and victory, walking as powerful people who are secure in themselves and are inwardly empowered to be confident world changers.

7. Freedom

We desire to see our students walk in complete freedom – free from a religious spirit, free from life’s hurts, and free to fully rejoice in the Lord and how He has made them. 

8. Fullness of the Spirit

We desire to see our students walk in the anointing and power of the Holy Spirit in every aspect of their life. In this fashion the supernatural becomes normative and righteousness, joy, peace and hope spring froth from the Spirit.

9. Empowering People

The task of apostolic five-fold leadership is to create a culture of equipping and empowering everyone in the body of Christ. As such, we aim to establish a culture of value, honor, empowerment, and active partnership with people in their life and ministry.

10. Expanding the Kingdom

We want to be students who release His presence and represent Jesus in every context of life, looking for an opportunity to release heaven on earth, lead people to a saving knowledge of Jesus, and so transform our communities.

Do you have a desire to learn how to be so overtaken by the love of the Father that you witness His love spill out of you to heal and set free others around you?

“People need what you carry. Be bold and courageous in releasing the greatness God has placed within you.”

– Dr. Peter Young