School Overview


What can you expect?

The Colorado School of Kingdom Ministry is a relational integrated learning environment that includes worship, teaching, mentoring, impartation, activation, missions, service, leadership, and practical ministry.  As such, the content is not so much driven by classes as it is by a culture and interaction that lends itself to encountering God, personal heart transformation, and catching the power of the Kingdom in such a way that it is literally carried and embodied in the student.  This creates a do and discover culture where students are expected to discover who they are as saints, to take risks that stretch their faith, understand God, and learn to walk in their identity.


Students come to learn, experience and transform their lives through a culture of revival fire and supernatural ministry.  These are cultivated in an atmosphere of His Presence and demonstrated through healing, deliverance, prophecy, signs and wonders.  Student come as they are, but leave radically changed, living as sons and daughters of the King.  Students leave functioning as world-changing revivalists.  Further, lifetime connections are made through the deep relational connection that happens throughout the year.

The school is offered on Sunday afternoon/evening and one night a week so that students may maintain their family commitments, retain their jobs and ministry involvements, and build into their churches while being radically changed by God.


Time is spent is six core areas so that the student develops the foundation of a Kingdom and revival culture. The core areas of training emphasis are:

*Developing intimacy and identity in Christclassroom

*Learning the supernatural ministry of the Holy Spirit

*In-depth revelatory Bible study and teaching

*Character development and leadership skills

*Experience in outreach, missions, and practical ministry

*Legacy groups where spiritual moms and dads pour into the lives of students and students relate at heart-to-heart and life-on-life level with one another


Students who do not attend BridgeWay Church (our spiritual covering) may participate through our local chapter, partner churches or off-site student groups.  Outreach and Legacy Groups can also be done in cooperation with these churches or groups as this allows for close connection to your home church and important spiritual connections.  Core night classes will also be available to watch by live stream. If you are interested in participating as a satellite group, click here.