Student Programs & Certifications

Four programs are available to you:

1. Two Year Kingdom Ministry Program  (Two Years all tracks)
2.  Two Year Biblical Studies Ministry Program  (Bible track only)
3.  Two Year Kingdom and Identity Foundations Program  (Kingdom and Identity tracks only)
4.  Third Year Internship (must have completed Two Year Kingdom Ministry Program or Two Year Biblical Studies)
We strongly encourage every student to complete both years of the Colorado School of Kingdom Ministry in all tracks (Kingdom Ministry Certification). However, we recognize that some students have less time available, or simply have an interest in supplementing previous training in Bible College or other schools of ministry with only certain program pursuits.

Two Year Kingdom Ministry Program:

This is our complete two year training program designed for those who want to be fully equipped in the supernatural lifestyle of the Kingdom, become leaders in their workplace and churches, or are looking toward full or part-time ministry. If time and passion permits, we encourage all our students to pursue this certification.
Approximately 8 books are read each year with a one page reflection paper due every 3-4 weeks. Students’ progress to the next semester only if they have completed all reading and papers by semester end.
A Fall Retreat, Spring Missions week(s) and discounts to hosted conferences are included in this program.

Biblical Studies Ministry Program:

Students complete only the two year revelatory Bible track. Each student reads the Bible
cover to cover, has passage by passage teaching, and learns how to study God’s Word.  Ministry certification students have monitored Bible reading assignments and attendance requirements. There is no other participation in other aspects of the school. Time commitments include the Wednesday night meeting plus 4-5 hours of outside preparation weekly.
Biblical Studies students do not attend the Fall school retreat. They are not assigned to a Legacy group and do not have access to other functions, including guest speakers on Sunday without additional fees. Their tuition does not support conferences, the Spring Missions trip or other school venues, but these may be attended by making arrangements.

Kingdom and Identity Foundations (KIF) Program:

This student only takes the full first two years of the Sunday afternoon Foundations track and the Sunday night Kingdom track. KIF students participate in Legacy Groups, and have outreach and ministry assignments.  Students do not take the Wednesday Bible track.  This program is ideal for students who already have an extensive Bible background at a Bible College or Seminary level. However, students should recognize that our Bible track contains a heavy emphasis on revelatory and prophetic understanding of the Scripture not typically found in other Bible training programs.  In coming years we intend to add a marketplace and business leadership Kingdom certification that will be conducted through weekend seminars to only include portions of the full CSKM school program.


Students who complete the Two Year Kingdom Ministry Training Program or Two Year Bible Track have the option of applying for a third year internship.  Church history and character/leadership foundations is taken in third year. Extensive destiny planning, ministry practicums, team development, and personality profiles are completed in the third year.

Two levels of certification are available to you in each program:

We offer two levels of certification in all program areas, reflective on the amount of homework, reading and leadership assignments completed.

1. Ministry Endorsement Certification 
2. Program Completion Certification 

Ministry Endorsement Certification:

We offer a ministry endorsement certification for those students who may wish to be endorsed as ministry qualified. It may apply to our recommendation that this student is qualified for ministry and leadership in the areas of study they have pursued. This program requires more homework, leadership assignments, and a greater degree of applying oneself to the schooling process.

Program Completion Certification:

For those not interested in a ministry endorsement, a program completion certificate is available, which includes fewer books read, significantly relaxed homework requirements and fewer leadership requirements. Program completion is typically pursued by those who have less time to commit to the schooling process or a schedule that requires greater absences. The student still gleans most of the content of our program and may not aspire to ministry leadership in other contexts.