Our Main Focus

The Colorado School of Kingdom Ministry is designed to be a ministry training center where our students are serious about the Lordship of Christ and who are pursuing a life of supernatural ministry with an eye to release the Kingdom of God, love and minister to people, lead in their churches, transform the cultural venues of society, and learn how to impact the world around them in everyday living.

Our CSKM Community

Our Main Focus

The school provides a relational and spiritual environment combined with teaching and practical activation.

The school provides a relational and spiritual environment combined with teaching and practical activation such that students regularly experience life-changing encounters with Father God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and one another. 

Spiritual moms and dads pour into students through required Legacy Mentoring Groups. Many of our previous students have come to learn more for their lives and churches because of the Kingdom culture and the supernatural ministry that is regularly happening throughout the faculty in the areas of healing, deliverance, prophecy, signs, and wonders.  They stay connected after graduating with the deep relationships developed.   In all aspects of how we approach our training and ministry at the school, we seek to establish the Kingdom of God on the earth in the various spheres of influence in which our students function.  It transcends any local church. Students are actively deployed outside the church into the world around them.  

Our night school focus in a modular format, spaced out over two to three years, allows our students to live life normally and transfer what they are gleaning through impartation into their everyday life without uprooting, moving to a new city and diving into an immersion.  

Our students are still immersed in the culture and the learning environment, with a similar relational and high impact culture.  

Our partnership with area churches, and remote online access, allows students to participate in their local church while at the school.

Our Environment & Culture

  • Experiential learning

  • Revival and the Sustained Presence of God

  • Signs and wonders

  • Grounded in the Scriptures

  • Joy and Freedom

  • Risk, faith, and increase

  • Hope Mindsets

  • Spiritual family and relationships

  • Spirit-based living

  • Rest

  • Prophetic Activation

  • An environment of discovery, empowerment, and intentional release and sending.

“People need what you carry. Be bold and courageous in releasing the greatness God has placed within you.”

– Dr. Peter Young