Our CSKM Community

The heartbeat of revival lies in the seedbed of community where sons and daughters of God come together and sharpen one another as iron sharpens iron.

Our CSKM Lifestyle

Our Community

It is our belief that God has designed His Body to be interdependent where we see, recognize and honor the greatness God has placed within one another and live with the awareness that we need what each other carries. 

We believe in the immense importance of fostering an environment that is not only transformational but also relational where students develop deep, meaningful connections and relationships with one another. 

We intentionally pursue this through all school functions such as BBQ’s, retreats, outreaches, potlucks, shared dinner breaks, etc. as well as through the small groups called Legacy Groups structured into the curriculum where the students get to process their journey with one another along with committed leaders who relentless pour into and champion them onward in the faith.  Our students have shared every year how important the community life within CSKM was in their development as well as in their life where they continue running forward with those that they developed a deep relationship.

“Behold His love, become His beloved, release His love.” ~ Leif Hetland