Lesson 2 – The Basics of Deliverance Part 2

Lesson Notes

The Basics of Deliverance

  1. All attachments are not equal.
  2. Demonic Attachments
  3. Answering common questions:
  4. Demons look for a “right” (a “place”) to attach.
  5. Some common “opportunities” that open doors to the demonic
  6. How to remove them.
  7. Don’t leave the “house” empty. Fill the “house” through rebuilding a Godly stronghold in the opposite spirit.

How do you get rid of them?

  1. Recognize when you are dealing with the demon but ALWAYS give priority to the person.
  2. How do you know you are dealing with a Demon?
  3. Rebuke the demon and tell it to go.
  4. If the demon doesn’t leave after a moment or two, we have to investigate “WHY” it still remains.
  5. Remove the “right” or “open door” given to the demon…
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