We are happy to accept gifts and donations towards the Colorado School of Kingdom Ministry.  Please note that some gifts are not tax deductible.


Tax Deductible Gifts

  1. Student Scholarship Fund: Give into our scholarship fund to support students who need financial assistance.
  2. Each year, students have an opportunity to join a mission trip, partner with them by donating to this fund.
  3. Gifts Towards a Particular Students Mission’s Trip: If you would like to suggest your donation go towards a particular student’s missions trip call or email us once you have made your gift with who you would like to suggest it go towards.
  4. Donations to this fund are for 2nd & 3rd year students only.
  5. General School Support: We welcome gifts that help our school continue to grow and expand our reach.


Non Tax Deductible Gifts

  1.   Give directly to a student’s school tuition.  To make a payment towards a particular student’s tuition, please pay by check. Please make all checks payable to Colorado School of Kingdom Ministry, or CSKM.