CSKM Overview


classroomThe curriculum at the Colorado School of Kingdom Ministry, while academically deep and
of excellent caliber, is designed to be an experiential, life-transforming experience. We are want students to live under the tutelage of the Holy Spirit, receiving from God impartation and experiential transformation in the giftings and skills that God uses in His disciples as they release the Kingdom of God upon the earth. We find that these disciplines are best caught through a culture of honor, the Presence of God, freedom, prophetic activation, love, as well as the life-on-life transference found though passionate and effective spiritual moms and dads that pour their lives into students individually.


The school consists of three years of training in six broad categories:

  • Developing intimacy and identity in Christ
  • Learning the supernatural ministry of the Holy Spirit
  • In-depth revelatory Bible study and teaching
  • Character development and leadership skills
  • Experience in outreach, missions, and practical ministry
  • Legacy groups where spiritual moms and dads pour into the lives of students and students relate at heart-to-heart and life-on-life level with one another


Year One Overview

Year one focuses on the foundations of intimacy with God, identity, Father’s love, heart
transformation, and impartation of the supernatural elements of Kingdom ministry. Students learn how to study the Bible from a revelatory standpoint and will read/study reading through the entire New Testament while building a Biblical theology journal. The entire student body goes on regular outreaches and engages in a one week local missions trip.


Year Two Overview

Year two focuses of the foundations of revival culture, Kingdom relationships, the core values and practices of the Kingdom, Christian character, leadership, and in-depth impartation and activation in the practices of the supernatural. Students read/study through the entire Old Testament and go on a regional or international mission’s trip.

The second year also seeks to give students an opportunity to grow in leadership and practical ministry. Students may serve as leaders to the incoming first year students during outreaches and Legacy Groups.


Year Three Overview

Year three is all about implementation of the Kingdom in your sphere of influence. We spend time on your personality profile, discovering your calling, dreaming with God, life skills and destiny planning, while you are given opportunity for in-depth ministry tracks in preaching/teaching, worship, intercession, inner healing, leadership, church ministry, missions, healing and deliverance, or marketplace transformation.Students may also serve a half day a week in a ministry internship either within the church or outside with an approved partnering ministry organization.

At the end of the third year program students will have a complete ministry portfolio to take with them from their time in school. This portfolio is designed to give students a foundation in launching into a life of ministry. The portfolio is complete with a personal financial plan, life message, and philosophy of ministry practice.



Time Commitments:

Guided class time, small group, worship, ministry, outreach and meal involves 9 hours of class/structured time each week. Estimated reading and personal time with God is about 8 hours each week.


Legacy Groups:

You will be individually pastored by the faculty and legacy group pastors who will journey with you in the amazing transformation that God has in store for you.


Areas of Deployment and Activation

Students are being trained to be both Kingdom transformation agents and leaders in the world around them wherever they are called to vocational ministry or not. We want our student to go out in the power of God’s love and Spirit to influence people and systems in business, government, the arts, media, music, entertainment, finance, sports, or any other context in which they live and serve. Of course, some are also being trained specifically for vocational ministry or with a Kingdom ministry paradigm to serve in the local church or through a myriad of societal infiltrating and non-profit ministry venues.


Midstream Adjustments


The faculty is very attentive, as the weeks progress, to discerning what the Holy Spirit is doing both with the school as a whole and in the each area of focus that the students are receiving in these core tracks. The actual order and number of weeks on each topic is varied as the Holy Spirit leads. For example if the entire school is being rocked by the love of the Father, we may spend extra weeks stewarding what God is releasing in order to receive all that God is imparting. Similarly, if we have a guest speaker with a particular anointing and message that is timely and transformational, we will take time as a school to assimilate and process all that God intends. We find that the Holy Spirit is the most effective leader in training and raising up Kingdom disciples. For this reason we follow Him.  God is passionate to train lives in Kingdom life through experience, the Word, His love and life-on-life transference and it is our firm commitment to discern and steward what God is doing as we progress.