Kingdom, Identity & Supernatural Foundations

Kingdom, Identity & Supernatural Foundations (Sunday Only)


Year 1  Identity  (God’s Love, Hearing God, Identity in Christ, Heart Transformation)

Encountering and Releasing God’s Love

Cultivating Intimacy with God; Hearing His Voice

Discovering Your Identity in Christ

Victorious Mindsets

Heart Transformation Module

Year 1 Kingdom (Supernatural Foundations)

Kingdom Ministry Foundations  (Holy Spirit, Healing, Deliverance, Power Evangelism,

Spiritual Gifts, Prophecy, and Various Aspects of Supernatural Ministry)

Kingdom Revival Topics

Prophetic Ministry Intensive

Kingdom Intercession and Spiritual Warfare

Kingdom Evangelism

Year 2 Kingdom & Identity (Character and Leadership)

Studies on Christian Character and Discipleship

Studies on Leadership I

Kingdom Relationships

Kingdom Values and Culture

Advanced Supernatural Foundations I

Year 3 Identity (Vision, Calling, Life Planning)

God’s Vision and Calling for the Last Days

Personality and Team Testing Profiles

Dreaming with God, Personal Plan

Life Skills and Destiny Panning

Year 3 Kingdom (Revival and Government Foundations)

Kingdom, Revival Culture, and Nation Transformation Special Topics

Advanced Supernatural Foundations II

God’s Leadership and Government

Worship and Revivalist Lifestyle

Church and Revival History