Deliverance and Forgiveness Workshop with Dr. Rodney Hogue

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Cost: $45 (3 lessons @ $15 each)

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This is a highly recommended and well-presented workshop/seminar with Dr. Rodney Hogue. There are 3 Sessions covered in this series

  • The Basics of Deliverance Part 1
  • The Basics of Deliverance Part 2
  • Breaking Free – Nullifying the Devil’s Legal Right

Jesus instructed His disciples to heal the sick and cast out demons. Jesus sent his first followers out into the world with His authority to do His Kingdom Business. Jesus’ expectation was that they would function as He did with the success.

Jesus summoned together his twelve apostles and imparted to them authority over every demon and the power to heal every disease. Then he commissioned them to preach God’s kingdom realm and to heal the sick to demonstrate that the kingdom had arrived. As he sent them out, he gave them these instructions: ‘Take nothing extra on your journey. Just go as you are. Don’t carry a staff, a backpack, food, money, not even a change of clothes. Whatever home welcomes you as a guest, remain there, and make it your base of ministry.

And wherever your ministry is rejected and not welcomed, you are to leave that town and shake the dust off your shoes as a testimony before them.’ The apostles departed and went into the villages with the wonderful news of God’s kingdom realm, and they instantly healed diseases wherever they went.” – Luke 9:1-6 (TPT)

Gaining Confidence To Advance the Kingdom

What God calls you to He will empower
Live convinced of the COMPLETED work of Jesus
Dwell on the Greatness of God
Secure in your authority in Jesus.

The Basics of Deliverance

  • All attachments are not equal.
  • Demonic Attachments
  • Answering common questions:
  • Demons look for a “right” (a “place”) to attach.
  • Some common “opportunities” that open doors to the demonic
  • How to remove them.
  • Don’t leave the “house” empty. Fill the “house” through rebuilding a Godly stronghold in the opposite spirit.
  • How do you get rid of them?

  • Recognize when you are dealing with the demon but ALWAYS give priority to the person.
  • How do you know you are dealing with a Demon?
  • Rebuke the demon and tell it to go.
  • If the demon doesn’t leave after a moment or two, we have to investigate “WHY” it still remains.
  • Remove the “right” or “open door” given to the demon…

BREAKING FREE: Nullifying the Devil’s legal right

  • Breaking the power of words that bring a curse.
  • What you send out of your mouth will come back to you.
  • It is your birthright to be free from the bondage of the curse of words.
  • Renounce previous or current involvement in any occult or cultic practices.
  • Breaking Soul ties:
  • Breaking generational curses and living in generational blessing.
  • Forgiveness

  • What forgiveness IS and what it is NOT:
  • Unforgiveness has consequences?
  • Removing the SLIME from a fear bond.
  • Final thoughts

Our Instructor – Dr. Rodney Hogue

Dr. Rodney Hogue has been in full-time ministry since 1977. He pastored over 32 years on the west coast in Washington state and California, his last being 23 years at Community of Grace in Hayward, California.

Rodney began to minister in the areas of deliverance and healing in the 1980s while pastoring in churches in Washington state. His passion is to equip believers to minister in power for healing, deliverance, and to see the restoration of lives to fulfill one’s destiny. He now ministers itinerantly equipping believers nationally and internationally to walk out their identity and expand God’s Kingdom which includes demonstrating the Kingdom of God with power. He and Mary reside near Abilene, Texas.

Recommended Books by Rodney Hogue

Forgiveness by Rodney Hogue

Have you ever found it difficult to forgive? Do you know you should forgive but you just can't? Have you ever wondered to yourself, 'why is it important to forgive?' or 'what is unforgiveness doing to me?' or "is it really possible for me to forgive and get past this offense?' Have you ever convinced yourself that you are somehow punishing your offender by retaining the offense? Do you think that somehow forgiving someone is just letting them off the hook? You may not realize it but forgiveness is more important for what it does for you than what it does for your offender. Do you realize that your offender still has power over parts of your life until you forgive?

Liberated by Rodney Hogue

In Liberated, Hogue offers powerful tools for discerning and defeating the enemy’s work through the Holy Spirit’s power. Discover how to: Operate in your spiritual jurisdiction of authority when confronting demons. ​Recognize signs and symptoms of demonic oppression. Identify and close any open doors granting demons access to your life. Confidently deal with evil spirits when they manifest. Step-by-step, minister deliverance for yourself and others. Rebuild broken areas of life after receiving inner healing and deliverance. When strongholds are exposed, freedom comes and healing can begin!

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