CSKM Full Course Modules 1-6

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Welcome to the Complete CSKM Course! All 6 Modules (72 Lessons)

It is important when we first start learning Kingdom Ministry that we understand what makes up our Core Foundations. 
What is it that makes CSKM what it is, and what are the essential fundamentals that make studying with us so  effective, so powerful and so rewarding.

Modules included in this course.

  • Module 1: CSKM Core Foundations
  • Module 2: Your Core Identity in God
  • Module 3: Supernatural Foundations
  • Module 4: Developing Intimacy with God
  • Module 5: Healing the Heart
  • Module 6: Kingdom Leadership and Revival

COST: $500 – This is the best value option. (All CSKM Modules are included.)

Let’s start the journey!

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Be blessed!

Course Content

CSKM Module - Core Foundations

CSKM Module 2 - Your Core Identity

CSKM Module 3 - Supernatural Foundations

CSKM Module 4 - Developing Intimacy With God

CSKM Module 5 - Healing the Heart

CSKM Module 6 - Kingdom Leadership and Revival

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