About Us

The Colorado School of Kingdom Ministry (CSKM) is a regional school of ministry, training radical followers of Jesus for leadership, revival, the works of the Kingdom and the greatest harvest of souls in human history!


We stand on the cusp of the greatest outpouring of theshutterstock_621416 Holy Spirit that the earth has ever seen.  Millions will meet Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  In this strategic hour, thousands of sons and daughters of God are being equipped and released to minister the Word of the Gospel, in the love of God, with the accompanying demonstration of the power of God.  God is establishing places of training and impartation where His presence and love reside and believers discover their powerful identity in Him.  The Colorado School of Kingdom Ministry is one of those places.


  • Imagine immersing yourself in the Word of God and being equipped in His power over a two-year period.
  • Imagine regularly receiving prophetic words and being filled with His Spirit as you share passion and impartation with other revivalists.
  • Imagine discovering and standing in your true identity and purpose in Christ.
  • Imagine ministering the healing power of Jesus on the streets and being used to lead people to Christ.
  • Imagine shifting the spiritual atmosphere at your job, or in your favorite Starbucks, such that God moves and His Kingdom manifests and sets people free.


This kind of Christian lifestyle is becoming normative.  At CSKM you will be equipped in a revelatory understanding of God’s Word.  You will be filled and empowered by the Holy Spirit.  You will receive personal impartation through life-on-life transference from spiritual moms and dads.  You will gain wisdom, character, passion, and the leadership skills necessary to walk in a life of courage and influence.

Join us and discover the radical life and joy of the Kingdom.  Before you know it, God will regularly be using you to broker God’s love and hope upon the earth!


Come as you are…

     Leave forever changed…