CSKM Online Courses Available in December 2020

Special Announcement

As we have moved through this COVID pandemic, BridgeWay Church has felt the Lord’s desire for the church to position itself for a time of reset which means that CSKM is going online.

To facilitate this, the major teaching and equipping programs BridgeWay Church has been conducting, have been put on hold. BridgeWay leadership feels assured that as they honor this, we will emerge with a fresh approach to programs and content.

Consistent with this, we have decided to withdraw from a “live in-class” offering  Colorado School of Kingdom Ministry for this current year, with plans to reintroduce it in the fall of 2021.

We are, however, offering CSKM as an online school using the teaching and ministry of the last two years of CSKM. This curriculum is offered as themed MODULES.

Our main CSKM Course
(6 Modules, 72 Lessons) 

We are also offering several other courses as online courses.

1. Revelatory Bible Courses – New Testament.

This is an in-depth study of both the Old Testament and the New Testament, taught by Dr. Peter Young, with guest speakers. (The Old Testament has been recorded and will be available soon.)

2. Kingdom Ministry Training

This course, taught by Dr. Peter Young, Pr. Simon Obert and others is the training course offered by BridgeWay Church for those who want be part of the church’s large ministry team or altar team.

3. Deliverance and Forgiveness Workshop with Dr. Rodney Hogue.

Dr. Rodney Hogue is one of the leading exponents of Deliverance and Healing in the USA. This is a short but excellent seminar. Highly recommended.

The courses will be available in December 2020, and are life-changing in their content, ministry, and impartation.

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